Taxi Industry: What Does The Future Has For Self Driven Cars ?

1 July 2017

It remains clear that the taxi industry is having more players than it used to be. Of course, there is huge investment in the sector than what we experienced in the past few years. Based on this involvement of many players in the field, quite a number of interesting features are being added and this has made the level of competition among the players in the industry to be very high.

Be that as it may, many of these players have come up with various apps through which they meet the demands of their teeming customers.

Of course, this becomes necessary so as to continue to be relevant in the industry. rydely taxi company that operate below what is termed acceptable will have itself to blame. In relation to the above, the normal practice now is that each player in the industry is always taking tab on the activities of their rivals so that they won’t be caught unaware in the way services are run in the industry.


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The Impact Of The Technology Of Self Driven Cars On Drivers


1 July 2017

It is obvious that the emergence of self driven cars will spell doom for drivers because their services won’t be needed again and they must look elsewhere for job in order to meet up with their everyday financial obligations. Be that as it may, it will signal the opening of a new chapter in the way business is done in the transportation industry.

As expected, Uber and Lyft have already thought of the reality of doing the business even without drivers as both companies have started working on the technology.

Of course, this is being done so as to get prepared for the future. On its own, Lyft is currently working in collaboration with General Motors in order to design cars that are capable of working independently with its app. Once this is achieved, customers can click as usual and enjoy the service as they have always been but this time, in a self driven car. It’s amazing. Isn’t it?


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