Taxi Industry: What Does The Future Has For Self Driven Cars ?


1 July 2017


As a matter of fact, quite a number of people have taken to driving so as to meet up with their financial responsibilities. Of course, driving is a very lucrative profession and working for a taxi company like Uber or Lyft is a huge advantage. However, what would be the fate of these taxi drivers when self driven cars take over the roads? Once this happens, there would be no need for drivers again in the taxi industry. Be that as it may, the companies where these drivers work might decide to lay them off one day. Then, they will have to look for jobs elsewhere and this may be too bad for them.

As a matter of fact, drivers working with these taxi companies won’t be needed again since the driverless cars need no one to man them as they are designed to be autonomous. Obviously, the driverless car needs only an efficient detector. This detector employs available monitors the GPS, the radar, the computer vision so as to give the needed direction to the car.

Is should be noted that driverless cars have advanced control system capable of collecting sensory information and interpreting them from time to time as the need arise. With this, the car gets the most suitable navigation of movement as it ferries the passengers on board to their various destinations without any problem. It is therefore worthy to note that the emergence of these self driven cars will spell doom for the need for the services of drivers just as it will open another chapter in the history of the transportation industry

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