The Impact Of The Technology Of Self Driven Cars On Drivers


1 July 2017


As expected, drivers are becoming much more concerned about what the future has in stock for them. Taxi companies are in dire need of drivers and as such persuade people to leave their jobs and make a living from driving. They will be left jobless when driverless cars are introduced to the industry.

Be that as it may, other notable players like Apple, Google and Tesla are also investing in these driverless cars just as Uber and Lyft are doing. This is enough reason to know that the future looks blur for drivers once the driverless cars are introduced into the market as these taxi companies will exploit it to the maximum as they won’t need to employ drivers again.

By this, they will save more money since there would be no need to pay wages to any driver. So, it is necessary that drivers currently working with taxi companies should look ahead the present.

Implication Of Driverless Cars On Passengers

As a matter of fact, drivers have a number of issues to contend with once self-driven cars get to the industry but passengers stand to benefit immensely when the dream finally becomes a reality. Of course, ride will be more comfortable since there will be no room for human error but the passengers need to take the way they use the app more seriously. Once the passengers have downloaded the taxi app, proper navigation must be given so that it will be easy for the car to complete the task.

Be that as it may, there will be reduction in the level of road accident because most times accidents occur as a result of human error. Now that cars will be driven by themselves, human errors can be eliminated and safety of passengers can be assured.

Besides, the self-driven cars have the capacity to track traffic and other issues on the road. So, passengers need not to be worry about getting to their destinations as  quick as possible. The car has the capacity to many such issues. Conclusively, it can be rightly said that the emergence of self-driven cars will open two contrary chapters, of fortune for the passengers and of doom for the drivers.

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